The Heist with Enrique Arce & Borys Szyc

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The casting process for the promotional video of Samana Group, showcasing the opportunities for living, working, and investing in the paradise of the Dominican Republic, concluded with the selection of two exceptional actors renowned for their remarkable personalities.


We had the privilege of collaborating with  Borys Szyc and Enrique Arce


Borys Szyc is a versatile actor in the realms of film and theater, as well as a singer and voiceover artist. He embarked on his acting journey at the young age of 9 and has since ventured into many successful endeavors earning himself a cult actor status in Poland.


On the other hand, Enrique Arce is an internationally recognized television personality, actor, director, writer, and entrepreneur. He is widely known for his captivating portrayal of Arturo Román in the series “Casa de Papel” and has delivered impressive performances in numerous television and film productions.


What did Enrique tell us about the project?

“I did not know much about Samana when I got the offer. I went there out of curiosity and no clear idea what I was going to find. Then I fell in love with the landscape, the energy and vibe of the place and the expats that have made EL Valle and Samana their home. And confirming that Samana Group planned to turn the place into an eco friendly, conscious driven, paradise… I was 100% convinced I had to be part of it”!


Both actors not only took part in the production of the advertising video and became the faces of the first campaign. The also joined the project as Partners and Investors.


We took care of creative concept, story, copywriting, art and creative direction, on site video production and post-production.


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Location: Samana, DM