Supercharged by SunRoof


Sustainable, smart, exciting. The brand Supercharged by SunRoof was designed with desire to speed up the world’s transition to renewables. Created for those who are ready to change the way we think about energy independence, Supercharged provided an ecosystem of products and solutions for a more comfortable, connected and green energy-powered lifestyle.




Supercharged is an innovative project centered around the mission of accelerating global energy transformation. It is aimed at individuals with high ecological intelligence, who value independence and the comfort offered by premium products. The opportunity to build a platform that aims to influence a shift towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle has brought us immense satisfaction, and our relationship with the SunRoof team, characterized by trust and creative passion, has led to exceptional results. The project’s idea was to create a space where we can learn about the stories of ambassadors and discover the features of our partners’ products and services. The recipient can easily apply them to their own life and receive a personalized offer after visiting project’s online platform.


Brands involved in the project included:

Electric cars: Porsche, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen

Electric bikes: Cake

Smart home solutions: Grenton, RedSnake, Veissmann 


All of them powered by solar panels by SunRoof.




The campaign selected ambassadors who serve as inspirations to others: Lech Kaniuk, the CEO of SunRoof, Robert Friberg, a Motocross National Champion, and Marek Zmysłowski, an entrepreneur and investor. Each of them was captured in their element, in environments and situations where they thrive, to create a backdrop for their stories. Our objective was to portray the ambassadors amidst their bustling lives, showcasing how the ecosystem of products they use enables them to seamlessly navigate their daily routines.


Click on screens below to watch the videos on YouTube.


Lech Kaniuk:

“My car is ready to go in 45 minutes. That’s all I need to fully charge it”.



Robert Frieberg:

„Managing my home is seamless, convenient and safe with a control panel on a wall or a mobile app.”



Marek Zmysłowski:

“We are building a world free from fossil fuels and inspiring people to lead a more ecological, sustainable, and simultaneously exciting lifestyle – therein lies the power!”




Client: SunRoof