La Biblia Audio Superproducción


We started cooperation with The Audio Bible Super Production when it was a project dedicated for polish market. It is a huge and impressive venture that involved 500 professional performers, 10.000 extras, symphonic orchestra and sound designers who recorded the ambience in Israel to create the biggest audio drama in the world. The Polish version of the Audio Bible reached almost 2 million listeners from different backgrounds and religions via online platforms and dedicated mobile app. We took over marketing and art direction, creating videos, online campaigns and social media communication.





As the Super Production grasped the attention of media and investors, the authors decided to create the Audio Bible for English speaking countries. We created a new website for the project and conducted the communication campaign Stories that unite after being inspired by what we heard form people who took part in the projects. Because they come from so many different backgrounds, religions and places in the world, we understood how powerful this book is even for non believers.





At the point where the Spanish version was ready, almost 20 000 participants have taken part in the project. We had the privilege to work with top actors from the Spanish-speaking countries including Enrique Arce as Jesus, Gustavo Angarita as God, Ludwika Paleta, Raul Taibo, and Anahí de Cárdenas. La Biblia Audio Superproducción got worldwide recognition and the founders were invited to Vatican for the Pope to bless the project.