Moj Mac Magazine

In case study

Does it happen to you that you see a beautiful thing in something that is just not there yet? And you know what to do to make it great? So you mingle, talk, make projections, drop a new logo absolutely free of change… and then it starts.
<porownanie logotypow?>

With Mój Mac Magazine we had this lovely connection. We admired their content and thought it deserved to be fitted into amazing form.


We redesigned the magazine. Magazine created by people, who have been there from the very start, couple of months back. Do you think they liked it? Do yo think readers liked it? Do you want to see a nice chart?
<app store – miejsce w rankingu?>

After throwing a cover and a new mockup, we were invited to become a part of the team. How great that is? No client – agency relation, but instead a friend-to friend relation.
We also took care of marketing: new mailing, flyers, stickers and cups.
If you like what you see, go and read on! Download the magazine to read stuff from authors, who really know what Apple is all about. And much more.